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SEO for local businesses in Taupo is essential for growth in 2018. 30% of all clicks on a search result will go to position 1, and if your business isn’t on the first page yet you are missing out on a lot of traffic and leads. 97% of consumers will go to Google when looking for a product or service, which is why you need your businesses website to stand out from the crowd.

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Steps of Search Engine Optimisation

Strategy Development

This starts with landing page optimisation. Depending on your campaign this could involve changing an existing page on your website, or creating a new one. We then set up the ad by optimising the targeting, bids, and ad copy.


We get an understanding of your business, website, and business objectives. We will audit your website and will create a plan for improving its SEO. Keyword research is also conducted at this stage, plus we analyse your competition. From this we will create an off-site strategy too.

Measure & Optimisation

Too many e-commerce websites fail in this crucial part of the process – they get the visitors, keep them on the site, but the visitor doesn’t buy. They’ll probably buy somewhere, so your hard work has helped a competitor get a sale. We will ensure your visitor clicks your Buy Now buttons

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SEO Services in Taupo

SEO is the process of putting a website at the most desirable position on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. To achieve this, Infinite Marketing works on keyword targets, on-page content, navigation, and website link profile. For the optimization to prosper, SEO tools, organization and analysis are required for advancement.

A client’s participation in the SEO process is required. S/He provides us with all information relevant to their products, services, target market, and location while we extensively work to put them on the first page of major search engines.

After determining a client’s target market, we will work to the extent of improving its search engine placement rankings by way of click-through’s, website visibility and a return on investment (ROI).

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